About Us

The Community Justice Center (CJC) is a nonprofit, public safety organization. CJC addresses the needs of victims, offenders, and thier communities. CJC operates all programming utilizing evidenced-based principles and practices of restorative justice. Click here to watch a brief video on restorative justice.

CJC has provided classes to correctional institutions since 2001, and adult probation since 2006. We recommend that all offenders and addicts participate in the class at the beginning of their institutional, and community based supervision. Institutional staff have reported that offenders are less defensive and easier to supervise after completing a CJC class. These results are seen in the reduction of misconduct reports and recidivism rates.

Offender-Victim Impact Classes help participants develop basic knowledge and skills which produces individual growth. Participants learn to take accountability for their crime/s. Each participant receives tools necessary to speak to their victim/s, and accept responsibility for the harm they’ve caused. Accountability and responsibility help offenders repair this harm. CJC staff also follows up and monitors all homework assignments.

Offender-Victim Impact classes utilize victim-impact statements during class. Participants have to break down and identify the victims emotional, physical and/or financial harm. We utilize victim-impact statements so that we can speed up the accountability and growth process. This process helps habilitate offenders by building important competency skills that are essential. This approach allows offenders to effectively digest and translate important key issues that victim’s face everyday. The impact of these classes help find common ground between all parties, regarding pain and losses. We believe having a deep, long-lasting emotional connection accelerates change in behaviors, creating less crime and safer communities.

The CJC has worked in tandem with the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services [NDCS] and Nebraska Probation and Parole to provide; Restorative Justice Intervention (RJI) Programming.

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