About Us

The Community Justice Center (CJC) is the leading restorative justice practitioner and educator in the State of Nebraska.

We are victims, offenders, their families, and allies working to implement restorative justice practices in our communities. For almost twenty years, CJC has provided forensic peer evidence-based restorative justice classes in prisons and probation districts across Nebraska, assisting thousands of justice-involved individuals within the criminal justice system.

We serve everyone involved in the criminal justice system: victims, offenders and the community with healing-centered resources and research-backed education.

Our work keeps thousands of people out of prison, provides a new path for current justice involved people, increases public safety, helps heal victims, and saves the US millions in tax dollars.

What is Restorative Justice?

Restorative Justice is a response to crime that focuses on addressing the harm suffered by victims, holding offenders accountable, and collectively dealing with the consequences of crime. This process rehabilitates offenders, heals victims, and rebuilds communities.

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How can you help?

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Our mission

  • Offer restorative justice practices for all harmed by crime; victims, offenders, and community.
  • Reduce prison and probation populations by healing justice-involved individuals through advanced understanding, accountability, and responsibility
  • Successfully return individuals back into their communities safely

Learn more about the meaning and impact of restorative justice.

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About CJC

The Community Justice Center (CJC) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit, Restorative Justice organization offers institutional and community programming that serves the needs of victims, offenders, and the community. We provide effective and evidence-based programming and forensic peer support in all Nebraska Correctional Institutions, Douglas County Jail, Lancaster County Jail, Nebraska communities, and with Nebraska Probation Reporting Centers statewide.

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Community Justice Center
211 N. 14th St. Ste. 314
Lincoln, NE 68508

Phone: (402) 429-1050
Office: (402) 277-8111