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The Community Justice Center is the leading restorative justice practioner in the State of Nebraska.  We are: victims, offenders, their families, and allies who partnering with professionals, peers, and institutions work to implement restorative justice practices in our communities.  Restorative Justice is a response to crime that focuses on addressing the harm suffered by victims, holding offenders accountable, and collectively dealing with the consequences of crime. We offer institutional and community programming that addresses the needs of victims, offenders and our community for a better, safer, and more cost-effective criminal justice system.

The Commjunity Justice Center is a public safety organization that operates under 501(C) 3 US Regulations; all donations are tax deductible. Please support our restorative work.

$25.00    Supports the purchase of books and supplies for a class participant
$50.00    Supports our Restorative Community Circles where victims, offenders, and the community come together to support one another
$100.00  Supports an hour of community or institutional programming
$250.00  Supports a Victim Impact/Empathy Life Skills Class in the community or an institution

Community Justice Center PO Box 22746 Lincoln, Nebraska 68542 Check or money order donations may be sent to the address above or the click the DONATE button below.  

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