Crime hurts, but restorative justice heals.

Punishment through the criminal justice system doesn’t require people to act, think, or change. When we lock people up, we excuse them from what they’ve done without having to answer to their crimes. Restorative justice is a process to hold them accountable.

The Community Justice Center believes that offenders aren’t defined by the worst thing they’ve ever done, but it is their responsibility to make better choices and realize their impact.

Our work:

Elevates victim voices through our pioneering “surrogate” victim impact statements
Reduces recidivism for increased public safety
Reduces the collateral effects of crime on families and communities
Models Restorative Justice and Restorative Living
Advocates to reduce mass incarceration and its effects

Rates of recidivism are rising because “tried and true” standards of justice alone aren’t working. Our programs complement the traditional justice system to create change and impact to offenders.

Participants in our programs learn to:


Reduce violent behavior

Cultivate restoration
Develop emotional hygiene
Understand victim impact
Be responsible and accountable for themselves and the harm they caused
Develop resilience

“Far too often in our society offenders are released from correctional facilities without being held accountable in any meaningful way for the pain, suffering, trauma, and loss they have inflicted upon others, and it is quite reassuring to know that your program will change that.”
– Cheryl D. Green, Director of Victim Services at the Maryland Department of Juvenile Justice

The impact of the crime on the community is often overlooked. If you are a friend or family member of someone who has committed a crime, your perspective is important. To learn more about how to share your story, click below.

What Our Participants Say

About CJC

The Community Justice Center (CJC) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit, Restorative Justice organization offers institutional and community programming that serves the needs of victims, offenders, and the community. We provide effective and evidence-based programming and forensic peer support in all Nebraska Correctional Institutions, Douglas County Jail, Lancaster County Jail, Nebraska communities, and with Nebraska Probation Reporting Centers statewide.

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