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The Community Justice Center has pioneered the use of surrogate victim statements in Restorative Justice on the state and national level.  These statements help meet the needs of victims and are used in our Restorative Justice Intervention curriculm to help participants realize the harm they caused and begin to repair that harm.

Our web based victim services elevate crime victim’s/concerned citizen’s voices safely and anonymously through our web based “Victim Harm Statement”. This allows victims to share their emotions directly with offenders within the criminal justice system. When victim’s VOICES are heard, a sense of control is restored and they often contribute to the healing process. In addition to elevating victims’ voices we provide important safety information and resources to victims that can protect themselves and their families.

Studies reveal many victims of crime feel victimized twice – once by the perpetrator and a second time unintentionally by the justice system. This leaves crime survivors feeling dissatisfied and treated unfairly. When crime survivors express their feelings, they report a significant increase in satisfaction that their voices were heard, not ignored, by the system; which aids in their recovery process. Unfortunately, millions of crime survivors won’t have this meaningful opportunity to express their feelings because their offender will never be arrested. This leaves them outside the justice process and without a voice!

Tell Your Story & Validation System (all entries are completely anonymous)
The CJC was created to address the need of crime survivors who want to tell their stories. Your story will be read by other crime survivors like yourself; more importantly, by thousand of offenders during CJC Crime Victims Impact/Offenders Accountability classes.

Crime survivors or concern citizens wanting to share their harm stories with others harmed by crime as well as offenders can do so safely by requesting a CJC Reporter to write up their harm story (see below – Lincoln, Nebraska area only at this time) or you can tell your own story (see below “Your Story”)

If you chose to write your own victim harm story, we suggest you answer the below questions:

  • What was the HARM (Crime)?
  • How were you affected/harmed by the crime?
  • In what ways did you suffer (physically, emotionally and financially)?
  • List the short-term effects.
  • List possible long-term effects.
  • How would you like to see the offender punished and/or held accountable?
  • What must be done to repair the damage?
  • How did this affect your neighbors, family and friends?
  • Additional Comments?

When posting a CJC Impact Story, please DO NOT use IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION such as names, dates or locations. Identifiable information will be deleted. Any violence or threats of violence will also be deleted.

Share Your Story

  • If you need a reporter to tell your story, you may leave this blank.
  • (e.g. name, phone, address, etc.) WILL NOT DISPLAY on website! Optional, unless you need a reporter to tell your story.

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