Offenders Harm Bank

Nebraskan crime survivors may request to view an offender’s harm (apology) letter/s. These letters are an essential part of CJC programming and assist in the process of offenders taking responsibility for their harm and the impact on victims and the community. All CJC program participants complete a harm (apology) letter as part of the program. Letters are kept on file at  CJC in Lincoln, Nebraska. All letters must remain at the CJC office. Offenders who have taken and successfully completed the CJC Offenders Motivational-Victims Impact Class, may request to have his/her letter placed on file at CJC.

Offenders whose crime/s involve sexual assault, children, or domestic violence CANNOT deposit their harm (apology) letters in CJC’s Harm  Bank.

To find out if  a letter is on file pertaining to a particular crime and harm, please contact CJC at (402) 429-1050. If an offender has a harm (apology) letter on file, that you would like to see, a pre-viewing meeting will be arranged.

Note: For some crime survivors, harm (apology) letters may be all they need from an offender. Other crime survivors may need a harm (apology) letter and much more. Some crime survivors have no interest in harm letters. Each survivor needs are different and each must be given the right to decide whether or not they want to particpate by viewing a harm (apology) letter. Crime survivors should not be judged because they do/don’t want to see a harm (apology) letter.